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FORU - Floating Oil Recovery Unit

What is FORU?

Working together as partners in Asia, DTec & FORU are dedicated to combat the impact of oil pollution spills and to protect the marine environment.

FORU stands for Floating Oil Recovery Unit and is based in The Netherlands in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea, FORU-Solution develops preventative solutions to combat and treat oil pollution incidents in oceans, seas, lakes and rivers across the globe.  Despite operators’ best efforts, oil pollution spills will inevitably occur in the marine environment. These incidents do vary significantly in scale and complexity.  Measures should be taken beforehand to support the response, at local and national level, to these incidents.  Preventative solutions can go a long way to reduce the impact of these spills. 

In a world where offshore exploration, drilling, transportation, and storage of oil/products will continue, FORU provides innovative technical solutions to combat and treat oil pollution incidents anywhere in the world. 

FORU systems are made of high-grade materials, can be operated mechanically, and can withstand severe offshore conditions.  These systems can recover up to 340 m3/h (90,000 US gph) with an oil recovery ratio of 75 to 100 percent. They are also designed to be user friendly and are simple to operate and maintain.

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