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Pollution Response Boat

DTec's Pollution Response Boat

Marine pollution harms the environment and marine life.  Oil pollution spills in the marine environment can be severe and cause extensive loss and damage.

Floating Marine debris from ships and other ocean-based sources can spoil shorelines, pollute surface waters and the seabed and cause harm to marine life.

DTec has the solution

DTec’s Pollution Response Boat is specially designed to carry out oil recovery and debris clean-up operations. The Boat is ideally suited for operations in and around ports and harbours. It measures 20m by 5m with a draft of 3m. It is powered by two 75kW engines that produce an operating speed of 6 kts. The Boat can be operated by a single helmsman and two line-handlers.

The Boat’s oil recovery system includes a FORU floating skimmer, an HPU, 300mm inflatable booms, and a 20,000-litre storage tank. Fire-fighting equipment can also be added. The Boat’s debris recovery system cleans up and retrieves floating debris. It includes a
debris bucket, an HPU, and a 5 m3 garbage bin. 

DTec Pollution Response Boat can be newly built at one of our Asian partner shipyards under our responsibility and control.

Debris Collection Mode
Oil Recovery Mode

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