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The Shipbuilding Division was established by DTec Industries in 2019.

This was in response to demand from clients in Asia and other continents for affordable small to medium sized commercial vessels for the mid-end market. 

The team is based in Singapore. The team consists of senior commercial professionals with extensive experience and expertise in shipbuilding (offshore, merchant and military), marine engineering, marine equipment solutions, ship brokering, and marine supply chain management.

Our Mission

The Shipbuilding Division is aiming to become a leading provider of shipbuilding solutions, products and services for affordable small to medium sized commercial vessels for the mid-end market. 

The Market & Opportunities

The shipbuilding market has been experiencing challenges, due in part to the prolonged cyclical downturn in the global economy. 

In the light of these challenges, we have identified and are exploiting opportunities in specific segments of this market.

Our Services

We have close commercial partnerships with a number of reputable and high-quality shipyards in the ASEAN region.

We outsource vessel construction to any of a number of our shipbuilding partners depending on the type of vessel, the core materials used (steel, aluminium), the complexity of the design and the location of the vessel project.  

Our partners use many European, US, ASEAN and Chinese advanced technologies. These include the following:

  • Main components such as main engines, gearboxes and propulsion systems
  • Navigation and communication equipment
  • Steel and aluminium
  • High quality material for interior outfitting

The breadth of our commercial partnerships gives us additional construction capacity allowing us to deliver all vessels on time and within budget for our clients.

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Project Management

Project management is an integral part of each shipbuilding project. 

Our team can be deployed to the appointed shipyard to manage and oversee the entire vessel construction process from beginning to end, including warranty period management. This guarantees quality control and ensures that each vessel is built according to the client’s design and specification requirements.  Our team also collaborates with the shipyard’s own vendors and suppliers. 

We support all stages of the project from feasibility study and conceptual engineering through to detailed engineering, procurement, production, commissioning, delivery and warranty period management.


We ensure that our shipbuilding partners have in place an end-to-end a Quality-HSE management system that is strictly implemented and covers all stages of each vessel project. 

We aspire to a culture of zero harm, loss or damage.

Financing Solutions

Our clients may from time to time seek bespoke vessel financing solutions.

We can help connect our clients to various sources in finance, whether to financial institutions or to Export Credit Agencies.

Our Vessels

We supply affordable small to medium sized commercial vessels for the mid-end market including:

  • Tugs & Barges
  • Offshore Workboats
  • Patrol & Pilot Boats
  • Crew Transfer Vessels
  • Ferries, Cruise and Transportation Vessels
  • Bunker Barges & Tankers
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Other Customised Vessels/Boats

Verification of all constructed vessels is made in accordance with the technical standards set by qualified classification societies. 

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